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shuffleboard with quarters if you have no weights. Create a shuffleboard game with quarters and masking tape. Play on a smooth tabletop, or the floor. Alternate pushing the quarters into the scoring zone, trying to knock your opponent's quarters out of the zone. The first to reac h 11 points wins. According to's editor-in-chief Danielle Wood, this game helps fine-tune kids' motor skills and developing st rategy skills. For adults, it teaches how to coach effectively in a non-threatening manner. On top of that, it is fun and alleviates boredom free textures . This game can also be played in the office. Spoons Spoons is an active card game for all ages. Gather a deck of cards, some opponents and a spoon for all but one player. Deal four cards to each player. The object is to be the first one to collect four cards of the same rank. If Advent Books Update someone beats you to this, make sure to grab a spoon before everyone else. Like in musical chairs, you do not want to be the one without a .

ut holes along two short edges and one long edge of the 19.5 inch lumber. 3 Apply wood glue at the end of both the long 70 inch pieces of lu mber and place them between the two shorter pieces. Fix them securely in place using the finishing nails. 4 Place wood glue around all four sides of the plywood and insert it in the box. Use finishing nails to fix it in place. 5 Set the fence on the table saw to 5/16 inch and the height of the blade to 1/2 inch. Pass the saw across the edge on each of the 1-by-2 inch lumber. Use the 1/16 drill bit to place pilot hole free 3d models s in the lumber. 6 Glue the edges of the 14 inch lumber and place it in between the two longer pieces. Fix finishing nails in to the lumber. Slide the glass pane into the groves created by the table saw. 7 Place a piano hinge on one of the long pieces of lumber and attach the mag Advent Books Update netic catch to the underside of the case. Attach a handle to the case so you open it easily.1 Measure the dimensions of your old countertop .

ur planned layout. See if there are any bumps that you need to polish prior to installing the wood. Use sandpaper to do the necessary polish ing and adjustments. 4 Install the wood and attach the pieces together with wood glue. Attach wood clamps for every 10 inches of the block. This allows the excess glue to seep out between the wood cuts. 5 Wipe off the excess glue using a damp cloth. Sand the block's surface with medium-grit sandpaper. Remove the clamps. 6 Sand the surface again with fine-grit sandpaper for a smoother finish. 7 Polish the block's surf low carb diets ace using a cloth and linseed oil. This provides a waterproof seal for the butcher block top.Type-1 Hovercraft The Type-1 hovercraft is a ve ry basic model; in fact, it's so straightforward in its design that it would make a suitable project for high school students. It is essenti Advent Books Update ally a plywood circle base attached to a wet/dry vacuum motor set on reverse. The one occupant sits atop a chair and flips the switch on the .

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